Q?How do I change a flat tire?

Everyone should be familiar with changing her flat tires. Here is an excellent video that walks you step by step through the process:


Q?What is the correct tire pressure for the road bike?

You should check your tire pressure before every ride! Tires should have the correct pressure based on the weight of the rider:

a. Rider Weight < 90lbs – – – – 80-95psi
b. Rider Weight 90-120lbs – – 90-105psi
c. Rider Weight > 120lbs – – – 95 -115psi

Q?What are the proper hand signals?

Below is the diagram showing the proper hand signaling:


Hand Signals

Q?What if I’m just getting back into riding?

Our rides usually break up into two groups.  One group more advanced and usually covers a longer distance is keeps a faster pace, plus is not guaranteed as a “no drop” group. The second group is a shorter distance and we ride at a pace that’s comfortable to all riders and is a “no drop” group. This means that one of the Wheel Women will stay with you until you are safely back to the starting point, no matter what!

Q?What should I bring to the ride?

Aside from the mandatory bike helmets and bikes in good working order, please carry a spare inner tube and a way to pump it up (air cartridges and air pumps)!  You should bring plenty of water or other hydration as well! You may also want to pack some snacks or energy boosting items. We encourage our riders to also carry a cell phone in case of an emergency.